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Haines Hall // Of All The Things


Of All The Things

2012 (Feature Documentary) – 1h 25m
Dennis Lambert was one of the most successful and diverse songwriter/producers of the '70s and '80s, with hits like "Ain't No Woman Like The One I've Got", "Rhine- stone Cowboy", "Don't Pull Your Love", "Baby Come Back" and "Nightshift". Today, he's a 60-year-old family man selling real estate in Florida. But it turns out his obscure 1972 solo album is still huge... in the Philippines. A Filipino concert promoter has been begging Dennis to tour for decades, and in 2007 he finally agreed. "Of All The Things" is a hilarious and touching pop/rock/coun- try/R&B documentary that follows Dennis on his whirlwind tour as he rediscovers his passion for music – a two-week adventure that takes him from the comforts of Boca Raton to a sold-out show at Manila's famous Araneta Coliseum for thousands of fans he never knew he had.

Editor: Haines Hall
Director: Jody Lambert